About Us

In April 2003, John Potter, aka "Barber Jon" opened the Pro Shop. He hired Amy and targeted the University of Nevada students as clients. He did a lot of marketing on campus, frequented local hang-outs and attended UNR sporting events. The shop was known as "Barber Jons" and in October 2004 "BJ" sold his shop to Amy and it became BJ's Pro Shop. Doris joined forces December 2004.

Doris and Amy worked together for five years previously. Doris brought an exciting versatility and craziness to the shop. Before Doris (BD), BJ's had primarily been a shop that catered to mens cuts, however with Doris' skill with color, up-do's, etc... it opened up to women as well. Doris became the owner in April 2010 when Amy moved back to her roots in Illinois. With Doris in charge, we all knew change was in the air... Kim and Jennifer were brought on board!! All equally as crazy as Doris with their own strengths, they are all great friends, love working together and think they are the best "cut-ups" in Reno!! Honestly, they think they are hysterical... Stop by and decide for yourself!!

We are located near campus on the corner of 5th and Evans.

To see a map, click here. We hope to see you soon!